Before the hot weather settles in, its time to make sure you have enough insulation to keep the cool air in, and the heat out. Use the mild springtime climate to climb into the attic to inspect coverage and depth, or hire a professional to make recommendations on the best way to take care of your insulation needs, and save on utiity bills. 

R-values of insulation may deteriorate over time. R-value is the measure of a materials ability to resist heat conduction. As insulation settles, it can more easily transfer heat. Don't think smashing another layer of batting on top of the old will double the insulation, any compaction of the insulation will cause it to lose effectiveness.

First things first….be sure to seal any air leaks in and around the attic with spray foam or caulk sealant. These may include gaps along the border of attic windows, light fixtures, ducts and exhaust fans.

What type of insulation should I choose?
When it comes to attic insulation, most homeowners will choose one of two types: batt or loose-fill. Batt insulation is essentially a pre-formed blanket and tends to be more expensive than loose-fill. That being said, batt insulation is easier to install, especially in attic spaces with evenly distributed joists, but can leave gaps. Loose fill is a smart choice for attics with unevenly spaced joists and homeowners who want more control over where and how much insulation is installed. Blown in fiberglass insulation is a popular attic insulation choice. Regardless of the type of insulation, it’s important to know the R-Value (measure of insulation efficiency) of the material. Check out this handy chart from Energy Star to learn your attic’s necessary R-Value.

Will an attic fan help?
With only 10% of heat in your home coming in through the ceiling from the attic, it is difficult to realize energy savings from investing in an attic fan.  If you were able to reduce the the heat gain by 25%, it would lower the air conditioning load only 2%. It may be wiser to make sure the attic is well ventilated.


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