Outdoor lighting options for the home have come a long way! Manufacturers have developed products that are designed for safety as well as decoration for the exterior of your home and property. Take a look at these options to enhance the beauty of your home:

Uplighting: This is a simple light effect that can enhance architectural details, beautiful landscaping, or a pathway to an entrance for any home. To uplight your home, lighting fixtures are placed on the ground, no more than four feet away from the intended highlight, and tilted at no more than a 30 degree angle. This dramatic effect can easily be adjusted as needed.

Container Lights: Small plants or trees can be placed in lit planters for a delicate glow. These utilize LED lighting.

Solar Lights: Solar lighting has been a popular option for many years. The decorative advances have continued to hit high marks. This is the perfect option of lighting to be installed by walkways to create a lighted path without the harshness of a floodlight.

String Lights: For temporary lighting, such as for outdoor parties, the choice of string lights is the very best! The great thing about this option is that you can get them in plenty of different styles and shapes to match the theme, season or occasion.

Floodlights: Floodlights provide powerful light for the homeowner, and can be used to deter unwanted activity in your yard. They can provide light at a lower wattage, and power up to full strength with a motion detector.

When choosing any outdoor lighting fixture, it is important to consider your neighbors. The installation of bright lights coupled with poor placement can disrupt the privacy of your neighbor. Be sure to map out the placement of fixtures before making your lighting purchase. There are plenty of options for you to consider for decorative lighting – so have fun! 


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