Have the items stored in your garage taken over so that they're crowding the path to your car, or spilling into your car's space? For most, the garage is your first experience of coming home. Is it welcoming? Or demanding time and attention? Here are some ideas on how to organize to reclaim that valuable space:

Invest in garage cabinetry and you will be greeted upon arriving home with an attractive space.  Metal cabinets of 18 guage will be sturdy, easy to maintain, and create a nice man cave environment that may encourage and help facilitate more honey-do projects. Tucking away items not only lowers stress from seeing clutter, but it helps protect items from dust, from curious children, or pet damage.  Don't think if 18 guage is good, 24 guage must be better, because its not.  The higher the number, the weaker the strength.  If you are getting you kitchen remodeled, you might want to reuse the cabinetry from the kitchen for the garage.

The vision for your space should including seeing the floor and walls when you are through – so organizing sports equipment, the hubby’s do-it-yourself items and your garden equipment in a way they can logically share the space and be easily findable for your family is key. Overhead storage can be a great option for many homeowners for seasonal items, and yet it’s an area we often forget to invest in. Most garages have enough height to do so, and even with an automatic door opener there’s typically available space – either above the tracks, or between the end of the tracks and the back wall.

The next step is shopping for the needed organizational items to suit your needs.  Whether it’s new shelving, bike and equipment hooks or peg boards for tools, each item should have a place to call home. Once you have a plan of what goes where, and the storage cabinets, shelving, and bins in place, now the fun begins! Work with a buddy to decide what to toss, donate, or put in its new place.

When your garage is organized, you’ll be surprised at how much extra space you’ll have for other interests.  Maybe you have a hobby you’ve never had a chance to pursue because you just didn’t have the room to spread out and work on it.   Or you can have a kid friendly space where they can play games.  What better way to be a hero and get the kids "out of the house" where they’re close enough to check on them occasionally!

Don't let your garage become just a home for your automobile or a messy storage area that no one can find what they need when they need it. It is time to reclaim that space and make it your own again!


You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.  Psalm 18: 28

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