Exterior lighting can be the unsung hero in terms of your home’s safety and design. Sure, you can have a simple light on your house next to the front door. But why stop there when there is so much more you can do?

The path to your front door serves as both a welcome to visitors and a safe way to enter your home. So in both cases a well-lit walkway is a good idea.  A common solution for this area is solar lighting, as it is energy efficient and doesn’t require wiring and regular bulb changes. But if your tastes are a little more “whimsical” when it comes to outdoor lighting, specialty lighting stores have various options for your inner child to choose from. For instance, a frog holding a lighted umbrella, or a squirrel sitting on a lit acorn are solutions that successfully combine fun and function.

If you want a more economical option than lights with a photo-sensor which will turn them on from dusk to dawn, you may prefer lights that are on timers or even ones that are motion-activated. You can set them so they come on at certain times of the day or evening, and in certain areas of your yard, like windows, doors, sidewalks and garage areas.  Be careful in setting the motion detectors, however, so they’re not too sensitive, otherwise you’ll have lights flashing every time a leaf blows. On the other hand, if a motion detector sensing range is set too close to the house, someone would have to get all the way up to it (in the dark) before it “sees” them. It may take some trial and error to get the distance just right, so be patient knowing that’s just part of the process.

If you need to accent a larger area such as a back deck for a barbecue, a driveway for a pickup game of basketball, or even a particularly beautiful area of your landscaped yard you want to showcase in grand style, you may want to consider a variety of larger flood light options. These concentrated light sources are great for making a bold statement or literally putting light in a space that’s being used for a specific purpose.

When you think about outdoor lighting, just make sure to consider all of your needs - safety, design and functionality - and you’ll be able to easily flip the switch and make the right choice!


Like golden apples in silver settings are words spoken at the proper time. Proverbs 25:11

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