Hydroponics is a popular means to grow fruit and vegetables because of consistent production and lower costs, but it hasn’t been available to homeowners, until recently!  Now you can have the convenience of a vertical, state of the art aeroponic Tower Garden™ by Juice Plus+.  With the optimal delivery of nutrients, the plants grow fast and healthy (no bugs!).  And the birds don’t eat the strawberries either!

The NASA scientist and horticulturist who invented the Tower Garden™, Tim Blank, was in Phoenix to announce its going on sale to the public in April.  He has a dream that everyone will have access to healthy food in their own home and community. It was 13 years of research to develop a gardening system that requires little space, effort, and time to provide mineral rich, organic food.  Mr. Blank said, “Most of the produce sold in stores are grown in mineral depleted soil, so I developed a plant tonic (fertilizer) with human nutritional needs in mind.”  Being deficient in minerals can cause numerous health problems ranging from nail, hair and skin problems to heart and emotional problems and more.

Because it is a self-contained system, it can be placed in any level, sunny place, and it uses less than 10% of the water and fertilizer that soil gardening requires.  Talk about being a part of the “localvore” movement, it can be only steps away from your kitchen!  Studies show that people who garden eat more fruits and vegetables, including kids. Only 11% of the population eat the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, and this is one of the solutions Juice Plus+ offers to help people be healthier.  Fully ripened freshly harvested food is at the peak of their nutrition, and it tastes sweeter too!

The fruit and veggies on the left were planted 4 weeks earlier, on the right, at 2 weeks. Click here for a time lapse video of how quickly plants grow!

No gardening experience needed, it is practically fail-proof!  You plug in plants that are in season, and refill the basin with water and tonic as necessary. Since there is no dirt, there is little time, effort, and expense that preparing the soil requires. The best part?  There are no weeds!  An extra bonus is gaining the peaceful sound of a trickling fountain without any algae to contend with either!  Even restaurants are in the news for using Tower Gardens to serve their customers freshly harvested produce, including at Chicago O’Hare airport.

This plug and play garden is the easiest way to grow fresh organic fruit, herbs, and vegetables in a fraction of the time, space, and cost!

For more information, and to order your own Garden Tower (they're now offering 12 months interest free payments) go to:


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