May is a big month for high school and college graduations. If you have soon-to-be graduates, perhaps you need some help in what to give to them to honor the occasion.  How close you are to the grad will be a significant factor in deciding what to do, their needs for the next stage in their life, and your budget. Some students are going straight to college or graduate school, others are moving out and whether they live on or off campus will make a difference in their needs.  Some will have jobs already, and others will be continuing the hunt, perhaps there is a wedding planned soon.

Based on their lifestyle need:  If this is the first time they are moving out of home or dorm, what gift would help them with that transition to give them the comforts of home? Furniture, lamps? A high powered blender for smoothies? A Salad Shooter for quick veggie chopping? A crock pot for homestyle cooking? A set of good knives? Perhaps they are set in the furniture and kitchen department. Do they have good carry on luggage?

Technology: Do they have a wireless keyboard carrying case for their i-Pad? A quality briefcase or laptop case? Does a new laptop with all the works, backup external drive and virus protection to give them the latest and greatest make sense?  A coupon good for the purchase of the next i-Pad or i-Phone release would be a hit and something they will defintely look forward to! 

Rejuvenation: They've been studying hard. Vacations or the offering of a timeshare are nice ways to let the students relax, recharge, and celebrate their accomplishment.  If they value fitness, what about personal trainer sessions to improve their physical condition after the stress of finals? Even a series of massages can help work out all the kinks from long hours at a desk.

If all else fails, go simple: See if the student has a gift registry. Or if you are the parent, encourage them to create one. Of course cash is always a good fallback option. Gift cards can be useful too – a card to a nice restaurant after years of pizza and cafeteria food, or home or department store cards for furniture, decorations and housewares would be a wonderful treat at this juncture of their lives.

Once you've got the gift plan in place, don't forget to say “congratulations” on their big accomplishment, and ask them how they are feeling about this new chapter in their life!

But grow in the grace and knowledge ofour Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  2Peter 3:18


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