There are many reasons to remodel a home – but to make the decision to actually move forward (both financially and emotionally) is a big step, especially for the mother in the house.  Many mom's have the habit of taking care of everyone else, so perhaps you need to insist to her, its time for a makeover of her home! We asked moms in varying stages of motherhood what home remodel they would like, and here are some of the top answers:


With a new bundle of joy, there may be a need for a room addition and/or reconfiguration so that the crib is located near the parent's room. Because babies create a LOT of laundry, this may be a perfect time to move the washer and dryer to where the bedrooms are located, for added convenience.  You can enclose the appliances in cabinetry (there's a picture of one on our Pinterest Great Home Living Board) and no one will suspect they're there!

Toddlers – Tweens

Storage can be a challenge at this age.  Adding “cubbies” where toys, art supplies, games and sports equipment can be hidden away neatly is one easy solution.  Did you see the fun red boot bench and shelving configuration with mailboxes as a clever means of organizing?  Do you have the ceiling height to build a loft space for their imaginative get away that is also pinned on that board? You may also want to consider using that rarely used spare room or formal dining area for a “kids hangout room."  For your tweens, you can have a computer nook created for homework or a cozy reading area with built-in bookshelves.


As kids grow up, so do their appetites!  There is no better reason for a kitchen remodel. If you want your house to be THE gathering place so your kids are close by but still with their friends, consider this remodel – it only adds value!  Having a walk in pantry can be a must have, as well as a custom kitchen island to add space for seating and serving food. You may want to create a means to close off the media room so they can play their electronic games, listen to music, or watch tv to help provide a sound barrier.


So maybe you want to keep your “baby’s room" available for him/her to come home to on break from college. But if you're ready for some extra space of your own, why not renovate the closet and create an internal space for a hobby like crafts, or sewing?  Perhaps a Murphy bed to tuck the bed away so the room can be used for activities or a project like writing?


You can become super cool by creating a special place for your grandchildren to visit and spend the night.  Make a wall of bunkbeds (pinned in the same Pinterest board) to maximize floor space for play.  Depending on the age you can place hidden hooks for cable to string across to make blanket forts.  Perhaps they'd rather have tents that can be forts by day.  Or to have an ongoing fun project, keep gathering large cardboard boxes, and let them build a city!

There is plenty that can be done to help moms use their homes more efficiently. As they say, if mom is happy, everyone is happy!  Contact your remodeling contractor today and start brainstorming!

When the wine (for the wedding feast) ran short, the mother of Jesus said to Him, "They have no wine."...

His mother said to the servers, "Do whatever He tells you."  John 2: 3, 5


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