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Being green doesn’t just mean replacing incandescent bulbs with energy efficient ones and recycling paper, glass, and plastics anymore. It is more about reducing harmful carbon emissions generated by energy consumption, commonly referred to as reducing the carbon footprint. With more and more homeowners wanting to stay put versus buying a bigger home, people are becoming smarter about the maximizing the space and resources to make the most of where they live now.

Smart Maintenance. After uninsulated walls, most heat loss/gain for a home is through the roof, followed by the front door and windows.  The department of energy provides a zipcode tool that will tell you how much insulation your attic needs. In the Phoenix area, if one has a heat pump, fiberglass insulation is recommended to be 15.5 inches thick (R-38). However, leaks in your building envelope will negate the benefits of a well insulated attic so you will want to find and seal any leaks. One of the easiest ways to assess your home is hiring an energy auditor to do a thermographic inspection to detect leakage.  The best infrared imaging results will be when there is more extreme indoor to outdoor temperature differences (winter in the north, summer in the south). You can do your own home energy calculation and assessment to determine if your home has needs as well.

Smart Thermostats. Programmable thermostats allow you to control the heat and air conditioning in your home based on your schedule and needs. Adjust the temperature for lower usage when no one is home and have it reset to typical levels before your return. You also need less heat at night when you are sleeping. Lowering the thermostat 5 degrees in an 8 hour period will save 10% in energy costs during that time. Do you have guests coming in to town? There are thermostats that can be controlled from your phone or computer so you can turn up the heat or air conditioning prior to their arrival even if you aren’t there.  That feature is also helpful when you are returning from vacation.

Smart Appliances. Did you know that side-by-side refrigerators, especially with water and ice dispensers, use more energy than similarly sized, freezer-on-bottom or top versions? Or that heating water is one of the largest energy users in the home? Do you have a front loading washing machine which uses less water than top loaders? Do you have low flow showerheads and faucets? Dishwashers now have the option of heating the water to 140 degrees so soap can remove grease. If your dishwasher has a booster heater, turn down your hot water heater to 120 degrees to save energy, reduce scalding risk, and reduce mineral build up and corrosion. Use the “no heat” dry dish feature to save electricity too. When shopping for appliances and fixtures look for the Energy Star Label and the WaterSense label, programs backed by the Environmental Protection Agency that require participating brands to adhere to strict, energy-saving and water conserving national guidelines.

Smart Upgrades. With homes becoming more airtight, you will want to choose products with low or no toxic off gassing or VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Common air quality offenders include paints, finishes, sealants, wood, carpets, vinyl floors, upholstery, adhesives and caulk. Other smart upgrade options revolve around using solar power to reduce energy costs for your home by heating water, supplying lighting, and electricity production.

If you plan on staying in your home or even if you do decide to build a new one, be smart about your construction plans so that your home doesn’t become a money pit, it becomes a money saver!


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