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Home Improvement Can Mean Life Improvement!

Whether you live in the southwest where the weather is typically warmer year 'round, or in the northeast where snow frequents your doorstep, winter is generally a time of year when we spend more time indoors. Why not use this an opportunity to look around your home and make a list of the repairs you’ve been putting off and get a professional in to help? Let’s go room by room and take a peek at the possibilities:

Living, Family, or Great room: The newer TV needs a entertainment center that works with the size of it and all the equipment. For attractive organization and displaying of treasures, matching bookcases and fireplace mantle will tie it all together. The flooring has seen its share of traffic and you’ve been meaning to have someone put in better lighting that is good for reading, but never seemed to find the time until now.

Kitchen: After making do over the holidays, you’re now ready to plan some updates to the kitchen and make this high-traffic room better suited for entertaining friends and family.  Would a kitchen island and another sink make food prep a breeze? If you've always wanted a special backsplash or an overhead pot rack installed – go for it! The food pantry could use more shelving, and your lower cabinets need roll out shelves. How many times have you said that the sink and countertops needed replacing? What would it do to the look of your kitchen to add pendant or under cabinet lighting? There are great rebates and specials on kitchen appliances, is it time to get the refrigerator that is configured and sized for what you need?

Bathroom: That exhaust fan is too noisy and hasn't work efficiently for months! And aren’t you tired of your feet hitting the cold tile every morning coming out of the shower? Why not have some heated flooring installed while you still have a few good months to enjoy it? A simplier, less expensive year round solution that will warm up your shower space in the winter, and take out the excess moisture (which is also cooling in the summer) is a luxurious Tornado Body Dryer.

Laundry room:  Add some shelves for easier access to laundry products. Put in a counter for sorting and folding, and a hanging rod for your shirts to dry out. Does it need a sink for stain treatments, washing delicates, or the dog? Would it make your life a little easier by having a built-in ironing center installed? If you are lugging laundry baskets up and down the stairs, do you want a laundry chute?

Guest room: Have someone come in and brighten it up with a fresh coat of low or no-VOC paint (to lessen impact on air quality). Does the room have crown molding? Install a built-in desk for visitors so they can easily do their emails, Facebook, etc.  If it is seldom used for overnight guests, do you want to have a murphy bed installed for use when needed, so the room can serve as a quiet place to read, or even exercise? Add a wall-mounted flat screen television to save space and make the room more cozy.

There are plenty of projects and repairs throughout your home that can keep you busy when it’s just too chilly to go outside. Why not start that list now?


May God be gracious to us and bless us; may God's face shine upon us.  Psalm 67: 1

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