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“This letter is to tell you how extremely Happy we are with the work performed in a very timely manner.  Everyone cleaned up, every phone call was returned.  It is a rare event today when you feel you got what you paid for.  I would gladly recommend you to anyone.  The project you did for us 23 years ago looks new though we’ve used it plenty.  We thank you once again for another superb job.” 


Stuart & Dolores Kush

Let the Sun Shine In

Today more than ever, lifestyle trends are driving home design and décor. A home is valued more on the lifestyle that it offers, rather than on aesthetics and financial worth alone. Interior design reflects this—home furnishings and décor in 2011 will draw influence from the past, for a back-to-basics feel that merges vintage and modern.

Reverting back to the simple pleasures in life is a trend that has been sweeping the world in the past decade. This trend has been enhanced by the economic downturn and is in direct contrast to the extravagance and materialism of the 1980s and 1990s. Today, we are more interested in achieving balance in our lives. Our quality of life has become a priority. The trend is away from the "live to work" attitude. Many are seeking more personal fulfillment, with a focus on relaxing, doing things for fun, cultivating relationships with friends and family, enjoying the outdoors, and exercising, rather than seeking material wealth. Homes have become a sanctuary, a place to retreat from the stresses of the outside world. Home design and décor have begun to reflect this change in attitude.

In home design, the trend toward healthier living is reflected in making the kitchen the center of the home, enhancing outdoor living spaces, and opening up indoor spaces with clean, fresh lines. Another reflection of the balanced lifestyle is a trend toward urban living. The number of homeowners who have decided to leave the suburbs and live in the city continues to increase. Living close to both work and entertainment allows more time to enjoy life. Plus, typical urban apartment and loft living can be less expensive, provide greater security, and require less upkeep.

Home décor trends lean toward furniture and accessories that combine traditional or classic elements with contemporary details. For example, a classic urn may have metallic handles, or a vintage item may be painted a bold, contemporary color. Steampunk accessories, like clocks, lamps, and wall décor, which blend industrial materials with 21st century design, will continue to increase in popularity.

Expect to see texture incorporated into upholstery fabrics, metals, and wood. Look for simple patterns, blended textures and layers, and tailored embellishments. Patterned metals, etched ceramics, and scored or stenciled wood will be used to accent tables, chairs, and decorative accessories.

Cultural influences from around the world will continue to creep into decorating trends. Look for traditional tribal elements, colors, and natural materials, such as patterned and distressed leather, reclaimed woods, and agate or geode accessories. Rich, exotic heritages and traditions, integrated with western influences, will be reflected in decor.

The use of color will remain particularly important—popular colors in the upcoming year will be those that are considered "sophisticated brights." These include warm, luxurious colors that appear rich, but not overwhelming.


May God grant what is in your heart, and fulfill your every plan. 

Ps 20: 5

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