Trust Begins With You

by — • March 27, 2017

” Leadership without mutual trust is a contradiction in terms.” – Warren Bennis

Trust is a key component for the health and success of any organization. As an organization grows, the level of trust can begin to deteriorate with lack of communication, misinformation or rumor mills, and promises not being kept by leadership. As an organization grows, it can become more of a challenge to keep all of these things in check. The good news is that rebuilding trust within a damaged organization is something that can be achieved through simple common sense management principles that will improve morale, productivity, and profitability.

Here are 3 easy things that can be put into place to improve trust in any organization:

  1. Equip Your Employee – Provide Tools For Success. This may seem like common sense, however, it is very easy  for employees to lose direction and become discontented. Make a point to review the strengths and weaknesses of your employees so that everyone is in the right job. If all of your team members are equipped with the talents and tools for success, their trust in the organization will grow.
  2. Talk To Your Team – Provide Feedback. Members of an organization generally want to know how they are doing. This is good for everybody – words of affirmation and encouragement, as well as  helpful direction when a behavior needs to be tweaked will be appreciated. It’s good to have on-on-one time with your employees for you to provide feedback as well as for you to listen to their needs.
  3. Maintain Consistent Communication – Be Honest  It’s true that most people prefer to work with or for someone that tells it to them straight. Positive or negative, the truth is the best solution. Consistent and honest communication from the leadership down will result in a higher trust factor for the organization as a whole.

One last thoughtTrust Begins With You. Earn the respect of those around you by doing what is right with your family and coworkers.  Your actions will demonstrate that they can trust you, and with trust, success will follow.

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