5 things to do before calling a contractor

October is National Kitchen & Bath month, and with the kids back in school, and the holidays still a couple months away, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about that makeover you’ve always wanted. What would your dream kitchen or bathroom include? Here are a few things to consider before calling your contractor.

  1. Start studying idea books and websites.  A picture is worth a thousand words and having pictures of what you like will speak more to your contractor than you might think. Many book stores will carry magazines with kitchen and bathroom trends and pictures, but many homeowners are looking to websites like Houzz.com or Pinterest.com for ideas for their next project.  It helps to be able to search pictures by design style, color, features, or room size. Make sure you keep a collection of these pictures and write down what it is you like about each picture.
  2. Decide between your needs, wants, and your dream wish list.  Make a list of everything you want to do in your next kitchen or bathroom remodel, and categorize each desired item within these three categories.  It doesn’t hurt to dream, but keep in mind that most of the kitchens and bathrooms you see in the magazines or professional sites are likely out of multi-million dollar homes. Many times homeowner’s dreams are different than their budgets.  A priority list separating your needs, wants, and dream-list will help the contractor provide a base-model design and then give you options for the things you may not necessarily need.  Sometimes you can afford it all and other times you may need to stick with what you need to fit within your budget.
  3. Establish a budget range that you would like to fit within.  Be realistic; houses, cars, college, and groceries all cost too much money and if we’re all honest they cost about double of what we think they should.  Be prepared for the reality that many homeowners have to either adjust their budgets up to get what they want or take a few of the special project features out to fall within the original budget.  
  4. Do your homework and investigate quality local remodeling companies.  None of us would go purchase a destination vacation without seeing great pictures, raving reviews, and finding a company that has a long history of producing happy clients.  Don’t kid yourself; hiring a contractor is WAY more important than a vacation.  These guys are going to be inside your home for a month or so; make sure the company has a solid record with the Better Business Bureau, great pictures, and raving reviews.  Many homeowners also realize that if they go online to purchase a dream vacation that the cheapest vacation price is going to likely equal multiple air-flight delays, an outdated hotel, and likely a level of cleanliness that will not make the vacation a fond memory.  Doing your homework on local remodeling companies will help ensure that your project is a fond memory and not a remodeling nightmare.
  5. Pre-determine to keep an open mind.  Going to school and completing your homework does not mean that you are now the school teacher.  Much like a great school teacher; a great remodeling contractor is there to help, listen, and has your best interests in mind.   A great contractor is there to bridge-the-gap between your ideas and what is physically possible within the space you currently have. They have years of experience and invaluable industry knowledge that will help you see the best product and design options that will ensure that your project finishes on-time, within budget, and with the quality that will make your kitchen or bath the envy of your neighbors.

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