Is It A “Want” or A “Need”

by — • January 23, 2017

“Want” or “Need” –  Does Your Customer Know The Difference?

When it comes to a making a buying decision, we are often faced with determining whether this is a “want” or a “need.” What is the difference? A “want” is a nice to have. This usually fulfills an emotional desire. A “need” is a must have. This usually aligns with a practical and “best for the long term” choice. Sometimes the two may overlap. This mental struggle is what drives economics and is something that business owners must navigate every day with their product and customers.

The key to an effective sales presentation is to identify a customer’s wants, needs, and pain points. The challenge in today’s competitive marketplace is that many business owners assume that the customer has done their homework and knows what they “want” and so they simply give them what they want.

“If I’d asked customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.” – Henry Ford

As the expert, it’s your job to educate the customer and show them what will best fit their need – and realize it may not be what they “want”. You must ask questions, drill down and help them find their pain point, and show them the best possible solution. Many times the solution may be something the customer didn’t know existed.

If you simply ask what the customer wants – without exploring their thoughts, you are an order taker.  By educating them about the best decision for what they need, you add value to your customer, their knowledge of your product, and to your company’s reputation in the community. Make it a goal to ask the right questions and to provide every customer with the solution that best fits their needs.

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