A Guide To The Perfect Email Signature

by — • April 24, 2017

Your email signature is a powerful and often overlooked marketing tool. We are so focused on ensuring the content of our emails resonate with our clients, that we fail to realize the importance of our signature. The information and format/design are not only a reflection of yourself professionally but the organization that you represent.

If it has been a while since you looked at your email signature, this is the perfect time to review.  Here are key items that should be in place:

Your Full Name, Job Title and Company Name

Make sure that your name is spelled out completely.  If you go by a middle name or initials, you can always sign the document with this shortened name. However, it is important your complete signature block including company information be shown below the shortened signature. With utilizing this style of email signature, your role in the company is immediately identified as well as your company name.

Your Contact Information

Make this easy for the receiver. Limit your phone numbers to a mobile and business line. You should always include your email address, and you can also include the mailing address, if this is useful in your business communications.

Your Logo, Social Media and Website Address

Small, non-distracting logos work best and they load faster and look professional on all browsers. Limit your social media icons to those channels that fully represent your organization. Be sure to link the logo to your website.

The most important thing to remember is that your email signature should not distract from the message in the email.

Your email signature is a great branding opportunity.   

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