Four Keys To Problem Solving

by — • April 10, 2017

Problems come in all shapes and sizes.  Here are four suggestions to help overcome challenges with problem solving:

  1. Get To The Root – Before you react, take a moment to define the problem and determine what’s causing it. It’s not that the problem is to hard to solve it’s that most of us don’t slow down enough to actually identify the problem.  You must get to the root cause and try not to lose sight of the solution by getting tangled in the symptomatic issues.
  2. Focus On The Positive – Don’t get tunnel-vision – it will only magnify the issue. Once you acknowledge the problem, move your focus to a solution-oriented mindset fixed on the positive. Remember that for every problem there is a solution.
  3. Keep It Simple – Look at the situation from a different perspective. Flip your objective around and begin looking for a solution. This unconventional way of thinking can stimulate ideas that you may never have even considered and ultimately lead you to a viable solution.
  4. Take Control – Rather than viewing a problem as a negative, approach from a positive stand point that it is a decision that you have control over.  Approach it with confidence, and without any preconceived judgement. It is wise to consider the opinions of others – sometimes numerous ideas can be joined together to reach a solution.

The most important thing for you to remember when dealing with problems is to remain positive and have an open mind. A problem is simply a choice – a puzzle waiting to be solved. Contact R2R Marketing to learn more!

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