Five Most Common Selling Mistakes

by — • April 17, 2017

Are you are hearing “no” more than “yes.”  In life, sometimes it is helpful to step away from a situation and look at it with a fresh set of eyes. In sales, this is something that is a must-do after every sales call. Here is a list of the five most common selling mistakes

  1. Answering Objections Before the Customer Speaks

From day one in training for a career in sales, we are taught to anticipate a customer’s objection and be prepared with an answer. However, you may find yourself setting the customer’s objection into motion before they have a chance to think about it.  If you find yourself starting a sentence with “You may be wondering….” or “Perhaps you are asking yourself…” this is a good indication that you are making this mistake. Let your customer respond with their thoughts without you answering for them.

  1. TMO – Too Much Information

A customer wants to know about your product from the standpoint of how they will benefit from it. Rather than boring them with the details of features, think about why the customer reached out to you in the first place. Focus your conversation on the values of your product that meets their needs and how it will deliver results!

  1. “I Have So Much To Tell You”

Yes, you are excited about your product. Yes, you want to tell everyone all of the details with a grand sales pitch. Unfortunately, your customer may find this uninteresting and a bit irritating. A wise approach is more low key and includes listening, asking questions, and responding to what the customer needs before you share what you have to offer.

  1. Failure to Follow Through

Building a customer relationship is a gradual process.  One thing that is important to remember —make only commitments that you’re 100% certain you can meet. The quickest way to lose a customer’s trust is to fail to keep a promise.

  1. The “Closed Deal” Means My Work is Done

This could never be further from the truth. This is only the beginning. Now that you have built a relationship of trust, it is important for you to continue to touch base with this customer. This follow up, when done sincerely, will boost your reputation and your client referrals.

Now that you’ve had a chance to review YOUR performance, the deal is there for you to close! If you would like help in your marketing services and sales strategy, contact R2R Marketing today at 1-866-506-7272.

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