How To Create the Perfect “Pitch”

by — Chief Operations Officer • September 18, 2017

Selling and marketing are a part of our every day life. As a sales professional, you may have been told to keep you introductory “sales pitch” to 30-seconds when meeting with your customer. This fast-paced rule became the standard in sales just as “speed dating” became the popular method to meet that perfect match.

The challenge in these two areas of life are very similar. It doesn’t take many 10-second rounds with “the perfect match” before the lonely soul realizes that this is just not enough time for one to find love. A sales professional will realize that the fast-pitch approach to the customer can strike out when it comes to gaining their trust. Here are some suggestions to help you slow down and tell your story.

Think before you speak.  Don’t try to wing it. Plan ahead, write it out, and practice how you want to say it. Pay attention to the tone in which you speak, the natural style of delivery, and most importantly the message that you are delivering. Be sure that the story represents who you are, the business that you represent, and last but not least, why the customer needs to hear it.

Scripts are for actors.  Your delivery must not sound like you memorized a script. Use bullet points for key information benchmarks. Each benchmark can be used as your map for an unscripted delivery to carry the story from beginning to end without losing the customer’s attention on the way.

Make it personal.  Give your story the stamp of personalization, which naturally allows the customer to connect with you. This is the comfort zone that the “fast- pitch” never captured. Be sure to follow your bullet points and don’t get carried away talking about yourself.

The art of storytelling has entertained generations for ages. It’s time to take this art to the sales world and close the deal. We’d love to hear your story! The R2R Marketing team is here to listen.

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