To Blog, Or Not To Blog?

by — • March 6, 2017

There have been quite a few articles recently touting the death of blogging. The authors point to the rise in social media, the ease of tweeting and posting content from mobile devices and the fact there are so many other choices for readers to find what interests them.

What most of these articles fail to note is the importance of a blog for businesses with a clear marketing strategy. Too often, people think of blogs as a place to post recipes, or as an online diary. At R2R Marketing, we prefer to think of blogs as your businesses’ online magazine.

For example, if a remodeling business blog is called “Homeowner Information Center,” by substituting words related to valuable content for blog-related words, it becomes easier to see why blogging is important.  From that perspective the blog isn’t about our story, but rather, it’s about what the customer needs to hear and learn. And who wouldn’t want to provide information that our customers find valuable, and that helps separate our business from the competition?

Great content, consistency, and commitment are the keys to successfully using your blog post as a marketing tool. Here are five simple rules that outline the most important elements of a great blog post:

♦  Update content and post consistently.

♦  Create an appealing headline.

♦  Use bullet points and text highlighting.

♦  Highlight YOUR audience – your customers.

♦  Share product information but don’t get too technical.

So, in conclusion, we believe that blogging isn’t dead. In fact, just the opposite is true. However, your business needs to integrate your blog with your company’s total marketing strategy.  If you would like to learn how a blog can be an effective part of your online marketing strategy, call R2R Marketing at 1-866-506-7272 today!

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