Let’s Be Honest

By June 26, 2017Blog

Recently we wrote about the importance of asking your customer questions to help you determine how well you are doing. Now that you have discovered how to better serve your customer, it is time to be honest with yourself and answer these five simple questions that will help you be a better person to yourself AND your customer!

What’s your mission? This seems like an obvious question but it’s not. Your mission needs to be defined, redefined, and redefined again and again. As things change, your mission needs to be aligned with the landscape of today’s needs.

What do you enjoy most about your business? Many people start out doing what they love, but as the business grows and things become more complicated they lose sight of it along the way.

How would you spend your time if you could? If for nothing else, this answer is a great exercise to daydream about those dreams in life that you may have lost sight of along the way.

What’s your plan? Every mission must have a strategy for moving forward. By developing a plan you will have a road map to help explain the next steps to your coworkers.

Why is now the right time? When you take the time to challenge yourself with questions, and take the time to answer them honestly, you will become a better person and business leader.

By answering these questions honestly and with great thought, you will have a satisfied customer, and your confidence as a business leader will touch every customer that comes your way!

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