Get Out Of Your Own Way

Business owners and successful managers know the secret to getting more things done is delegating. Most often the best way to get something done is to just do it yourself. Meet the enemy of productivity – your own expertise!

When it comes to delegating, unfortunately being good at something can prevent you from relying on your team. It also creates a vicious cycle that becomes harder to break. Prime example: It will take you ten minutes to explain what you want done, but only 15 minutes to just do it right yourself.

That is exactly why delegating is so hard. Because even if you explain the task, you may need to review the finished product. Plus, if you own the business, you know that no matter how good a job someone does, in your mind, they’ll never do it as well as you since you have the experience, the heart and the drive to do it right. Here’s a secret – you also know what you want, but your employees can’t read your mind.

So what’s the solution? Delegate, and stay out of the way. Will the finished product be perfect? No, not at first. But, if you’ve hired the right people, given them the training they deserve, and have processes in place to ensure success, it won’t take long before you’re actually more productive than ever, because you have a solid team working the work.

This is where the vicious circle becomes super productive – the more you focus on effective delegating and training, the more productive your team becomes. And the more productive they are, the more they can do, and you can focus on growing the business.

The best sales managers aren’t always the best salespeople.They know the business and the subject matter, but even more importantly, they know how to get the best out of their teams.

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